What to Look For in a Beard Kit For Men

beard kit for men

Best Beard Grooming Kits For Black Men. Agree or not, beards are the newest trend today. While looking at the best black beard grooming kits for African American males, it’s important to note that many men in increasing numbers, particularly young black men of color, have become highly observant of the all new beard craze. This has been evident at the sporting events where beards are absolutely in. Also at the hair salons and barbershops that cater to these folks, I’ve seen an increased interest in the latest beards and mustaches. While I don’t necessarily recommend these folks go out and start shaving their beards off (though I certainly would not advise it), there are some things that I do recommend that they (and by association, you) consider before making such a big decision.

An Overview

Beard Kit

First, let’s look at grooming kits. There are three basic types of black beard kits; a facial oiler/stiffener, a pre-shampoo treatment, and a balm or after-shave balm. Each of these kits has a few distinct differences. For example, a facial oiler can work with any facial oil, whether it’s light, medium, or heavy. A pre-shampoo treatment has been around for years, and often is included with an oil kit, and a balm is a product that both pre-shampoo and can be used after-shave.

The best beard kits will contain a quality oil like coconut oil, grapeseed oil, or macadamia oil. An oil treatment, also available as a starter kit, should be comprised of jojoba, tea tree, or lavender oils, all of which have a pleasant natural scent but which when applied to the face help to invigorate hair and bring out the natural beauty in it. In addition, all of these ingredients should be natural rather than synthetic. Synthetic products often have chemicals that cause adverse reactions.

Men’s Beard Kit Facts

Beard Kit

Next, look at the tools that will come with the kit. A good beard kit should include a brush, a comb, a razor, a shaving soap, a shaving gel, and possibly a deodorant, and a good quality blade for cutting the facial hair. Also, don’t overlook the scissors. While it may seem silly to buy a pair of cheap scissors for this purpose, you just never know when something could go wrong. Make sure that the quality of the blades is sufficient and that you can easily sharpen them.

A good kit will also include some kind of conditioning and moisturizing products. This will help to keep the beard healthy and strong. Typically, the two most popular ingredients in a conditioning and moisturizing kit are jojoba oil and grape seed oil. They work to make the skin more elastic so that it will better absorb the nutrients from the formula that are included in the shampoo and cream. Some of the other common ingredients in a beard care product are aloe vera, coconut oil, vitamin E, shea butter, and of course, aloe vera gel.

There are different types of beard balm that are available. Some people like to use a simple barber’s foam. Other men like to use a thicker, heavier balm such as that used in a facial soap. Both of these options will provide a good cleansing and conditioning treatment. The type of balm or conditioner that is chosen depends on personal preference.

Bottom Line

Any beard oil kit for sale is going to have all of the things that the user needs. The kit will be packaged in a way that will allow it to be easy to use. It will also have all of the natural ingredients that the bearded men will need. A well-made natural ingredient based beard kit for sale will be packed with high quality products that will last for years to come.

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