Van Dyke Beard Style For A Standard Look

The Van Dyke beard style look is there for a long time. The Van Dyke beard went popular by a famous Flemish painter Mr. Anthony Van Dyke. Anthony Van Dyke always keeps his facial hair in this look and made it famous. Nowadays this beard look is very popular because some of the top celebrities choose to wear this Van Dyke beard look. This beard look has a goatee underneath, but it’s not attached with a mustache.

Van Dyke Beard Style for A Standard Look
Van Dyke Beard Style for A Standard Look

The Most Effective Method To Grow A Van Dyke Beard Style

In case you want to grow Van Dyke beard then you have to take some responsibility. But that responsibility will justify your time. For Van Dyke beard you need to begin again with facial hair about two cm long.

The Following Steps To Grow Beard

Firstly you have to comb all your beard and mustache downwards but very neatly. You can use your trimmer to style your beard. A line from the side of your mustache has to be trimmed. And do this on both sides.

Now you have to wait until facial hair continues both lines below the jawbone. And then you have to join them in a straight line along your neck. 

After this, you have to get rid of the remaining hair.  But be careful you have to remove hairs without going too close to the outline.

Then trim your mustache side of your lips to leave a hole over your beard — the form of your mustache has to style.

After shaping your facial hair for Van Dyke beard, you have to put on the trimmer comb. Then trim the hair on your chin very neatly and clean.

Few Amazing Van Dyke Beard Styles

Van Dyke Beard Style for A Standard Look
Van Dyke Beard Style for A Standard Look

Anchor Beard Style

This beard style curves under your chin and then join up to your mustache. With a thin strip of hair under your lips. This is called an anchor shape beard.

Patchy Goatee Beard Style

The Patchy Goatee beard style is subtle take on the Van Dyke style. This will change your beard into patchy goatee beard style. In this style, you have to keep your hair thin and style it with less intensity.   

Pointed Van Dyke Beard Style

This facial hairstyle will be with lengthening your face hair to shape this Pointed Van Dyke Beard Style. In this style, you have to give a pointed look to you goatee hairs.

Intense Depp Beard Style

This style gets popular when Johnny Depp first grows this style. It was the same style as Van Dyke but with more strength that suits him.  


The Van Dyke style for a beard is traditional. But it can into light when few famous sports person and celebrities wear this style. This beard style will suit all the men who have long face cut.

Few people call this king of beard style. This style has been one of the most popular ones. It will suit almost all the person with a slim face cut. This beard style has some real history. English royalty and Roman emperors sported the Van Dyke style.

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