Understanding The Reasons Behind Growing A Beard

Men With Beards: Know Why They Grow?

Recently, growing beard has been a fashion trend. There has been lore built up about men with beards in recent times. Due to which more and more completely shaven gents are embracing the hairier side on their face. Now the question that everyone has in their mind is that why is everyone suddenly started growing beards?

Men are very simple, and their reasoning behind their actions are very simple.

Reasons Why Men Grow Beards

1. Beards Look Cool

This is the simplest answer; beard looks good on lots of handsome guys. Whatever, your style of beard is, whether it is perfectly trimmed or running wild, it adds another dimension to your look. Your new-grown beard makes a distinct impression on your friends, family or any other person. Plus, growing beard gives boys a presence that no other thing can give. You look masculine, comes off more confident by just letting your body act natural. This enhance your personality.

2. Someone Else Suggests It

Most times, boys don’t lay down their razor just because they want to grow a beard. They need more motivation, and it usually comes from someone close. When their friend or family suggest them to grow a beard, they take it as a cue to beard would look good on them and will start their journey of glory.

3. Necessity

Many people just grow a beard out of necessity. With the Earth getting more hotter and warmer with every year, these have taken a toll on the human body. Beard is one-way men can protect their face from thing likes of Snow, rain, ice, wind, and dryness. It always keeps your face warm in cold places. In a nutshell, some people just want to grow a beard as the last line of defence against mother nature.

Men With Beards: Know Why They Grow?
Men With Beards: Know Why They Grow?

4. Utter Laziness

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Beard is a natural thing and grows automatically. Let’s face it boys don’t care as much as girls do. So, when beard grows on guys, many of them just leave it there for days, month before anyone object or suggest something is wrong on their face. After which they pay some attention to it. Trimming or clean shaving your beard also require a lot of work and time. Men with beard often skip them; hence; the beard just keeps on growing.

5. Covering Up What’s Beneath

What most people don’t get is besides giving yourself an aura of masculinity, beard is also a great way for men to cover most of the ugly face. They can redesign their facial features, and can choose which part of your face to show. E.g., Teenage boys often cover acne or bad skins with their beard, acting as a canopy for their face. Similarly, guys don’t have a well-defined jaw or chin, so they cover it with a beard.

6. Individuality

Boys always try to find individuality wherever they go. Every Beard is unique, and it gives each person is individuality and makes them stand up among the rest. It serves as an ego feeder and also gives boys something to do during their time of boredom.

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