Tips For Beard Care And Maintenance -

Tips For Beard Care And Maintenance

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If you follow these beard care tips, you’ll have a good, great-looking beard for the rest of your life:

  1. Wash your Beard Regularly:
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2-3 days a week, wash your beard with natural men’s shampoo. This will keep your beard clean, smelling nice, and avoid any buildup (due to sweat or extra oil) in your beard.

  1. Keep your Beard Hydrated:
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Regularly condition the beard with beard oil to keep it moist and shiny. This also helps to avoid itchiness, control flakes, and preserve follicle protection by moisturizing the skin underneath your beard. Keep in mind that the beard would only be as good as the skin under it.

  1. Trimming your Beard:

Trimming your beard is important to keep it looking neat and good and for the better results, use scissors instead of trimmers. Trimmers are more likely to result in broken ends, whereas scissors allow for greater precision.

  1. Stay Healthy:

Your beard, hair, and eyes are all clear reflections of how well you are on the inside. You can exercise, eat well, sleep well, and limit your alcohol intake if you want a thick.

Types of Beard Styles

  1. Round Beard Style:

·         Short Boxed Beard: – The sides of a short boxed beard are thin and closely trimmed.

·         Anchor Beard: – A moustache is matched with a pointed anchor beard that traces the jaw line.

  1. Square Beard Style:

·         Royale Beard: – A Royale beard is a moustache with a chin strip.

·         Goatee Beard: – The goatee, also known as a “Circle moustache,” is made up of    a chin patch and a moustache.

  1. Oval Bard Style:

·         Horseshoe Moustache: – Long bars point downward on a horseshoe moustache.

·         Chevron: – Your whole top lip is covered by a chevron moustache.

How to Brush your Beard

Clean your beard first thing in the morning to avoid bed-beard, or right after you get out of the shower to style it.

Brushing your beard first thing in the morning will loosen any grime, dust, or dead skin cells stuck in it from the day before.

How to apply Beard Oil

Beard Oil can be used once a day, just after you get out of the tub. When you take a warm shower, the pores and hair cells open up, allowing the oil to penetrate more easily than it would otherwise.

Simply wipe the beard down with a towel before applying it, as this fits well with wet, rather than soaked, beards.

To get the best out of Beard Oil, concentrate on massaging it into the skin under the beard rather than simply adding it to the hair ends.

For complete coverage, you can need a couple more drops, depending on the size of your moustache. Large beards may need seven or eight drops, whereas smaller beards may only need three or four.


To avoid buildup in your pores, which can lead to beard ruff and acne, wash your beard more often, even regularly, if your skin can handle it. Wash your beard every 2–3 days to prevent drying out your face any more.

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