The Best Beard Grooming Tips for Men

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Beard had long been a symbol of manhood and it has had a different significance in each period in history till date. Now a days beard has become a style statement among men of all ages.

It takes a lot of patience and expert grooming tips to grow and tame the facial mane. Checkout some of the best beard grooming tips below.

Be Patient 

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The first tip is about being patient and let your beard grow for about 6 weeks untouched resisting the urge to trim or cut it. Each body is different and the beard growth speed varies accordingly.

Choose Your Style 

All styles do not complement every face. Study your face shape and your personality and pick the style that suits you the best. Many apps give a view of how your face would look on a particular beard style.

Shampoo and Condition Your Beard

It is important to maintain a clean beard and to take care of the skin beneath as well. Use a special shampoo that curbs dandruff growth to keep it clean and use a beard conditioner to smoothen the frizz. Do not apply force while drying it up with a towel as it might bring back the frizz or cause split ends.

Try a Good Beard Oil

Invest in a good beard oil that has organic ingredients that pamper the beard and helps to tame it. There are so many variants each suitable for a particular skin and hair type. Some give the shine, while some give volume and strength. Pick the beard oil according to your needs.

Trim and tame

There are so many different types of beard trimmers available in the market. They are built with features keeping in mind the comfort and ease of use and the precision with which they can trim. 

Set the trim level to your preference and do a regular touch up once you have a fully grown beard. Tame the extra flyways with a beard comb.

Don’t Forget the Moustache 

Taking all the efforts to groom your beard without taking your moustache into picture is a big no. A good moustache complements a good well maintained beard. So work on it by trimming the extras and using a moustache balm or cream to set it neat.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Though the growth speed of the beard varies from person to person, remember to eat a healthy diet. A good balanced diet rich in protein and vitamins reflects in a healthy and lustrous facial hair.

Eat lean cut meats, egg yolk and fresh green vegetables and it is helpful to take supplements like biotin, iron and vitamins.


It might test your patience to grow a beard but the results would make heads turn when you flaunt your well groomed  beard that is nothing less of a symbol of manhood.

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