Stylish Hair And Beard Combos -

Stylish Hair And Beard Combos

You would have noticed men sporting beards along with short hair. While the style may not appear appealing enough, the number of young and old men wanting to leave beards is increasing tremendously.

That itself shows the popularity of this new haircut with beard trend. Earlier, men who used to have hair on the face, used to leave a beard to cover the hair. However, these days the metro-man as they would like to call themselves sport beards with short and trendy haircuts.

Perhaps, the reason for doing so is to be noticed. The moment they step into a room or office, heads turn to see who the new person in town is. Unlike what men think, women find men with thick beards handsome and appealing.

So, if you are looking to make an impression on your crush, you might want to try out some of the hair styles given below. Since the trend is increasing day by day, barbers are coming up with several of the haircuts and giving them unusual names.

You have a wide range of haircuts to choose from like the fade haircut, undercut, the short hairstyle, and others. Apart from that, you also have crew cut, comb over, textured crop, the hawk, and so on.

Short Hair With Beards

The short hair with the beard is one of the most popular hairstyles in 2019. Like the name goes, you can trim your hair short and leave a mild beard. This kind of style is ideal for working professionals.

What Are Some Of The Best Men Haircut With Beard?
What Are Some Of The Best Men Haircut With Beard?

Undercut With Long Beard

The undercut with a long beard is a very short haircut. You are trying to get that contrast for your face. You want to have a decent looking beard and very short hair. Hence, the name undercut.

What Are Some Of The Best Men Haircut With Beard?
What Are Some Of The Best Men Haircut With Beard?

Short Hair Fade With Beard

The short hair fade with beard is another popular hairstyle among men. You can choose low, mid, high, or even bald haircut along with your beard. You can also consider getting your head shaved too if you want.

What Are Some Of The Best Men Haircut With Beard?
What Are Some Of The Best Men Haircut With Beard?

The above mentioned were some of the most popular men’s haircut with beard trend. If you are yet to try them, do not feel shy. Try them and visit a good barber in town. This is when the experience and skills of your barber will come into question.

Hence, choose a barber who is seasoned enough and has worked in similar hairstyles before. The barber has to suggest the right kind of haircut for you depending on the shape and personality you got.

This is when his skills and application will come into question. Of course, the beard will grow on its own. For some men, it takes few weeks to fully grow. While for some men, it takes few months at least.

Do not get disheartened. If you are not satisfied with the growth of your beard, then you can apply oils meant for growth of the beard. Having the appropriate haircut along with a beard gives you that elegant look and appeal, which you have wanted.

It comes as no surprise that royals, world over always insisted on having beards once they crossed a certain age. Why do not you join the club with a handsome looking beard and haircut to go along with it?

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