Some Amazing DIY Beard Balm Techniques That You Must Know

Diy Beard Balm


Using a beard balm for men’s facial grooming is the best way to take care of your beard. A beard balm is a soft buttery substance that moisturizes the beard, reduces itchiness and rashes, and provides it with lustre. It also improves the health and texture of the beard. However, beauty comes for a price. Beard balms in stores are quite expensive, and it may cost you hard to maintain a lustrous beard. The easiest way to find an effective beard balm without spending a lot of money is to make one at home. Here are the DIY beard balm techniques that you need to know to create one at home. 

Things You NeedFor A DIY Beard Balm

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Before we start making the beard balm, let us take a look at the ingredients needed. It is effortless to make a beard balm and require just four essential components readily available in the market.  


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It forms the base of the beard balm. It provides nutrients like Vitamin A to the beard for growth and texture. The beeswax is easy to melt and solidifies fast to make the balm and give it a hold. The percentage of wax in the balm can vary depending on how strong you want it to be. But, do not use too much beeswax; otherwise, the balm will be too stiff.


They act as the moisturizing agents in a beard balm. It gives your balm the spread it needs. Cocoa butter or Shea butter are the usual ones you use in the recipe. They have distinct smells and moisturizing qualities. Cocoa butter has a pleasant aroma and is loaded with antioxidants, while Shea butter reduces itchiness because of its anti-inflammatory qualities. If you wish, you can also go for mango butter for a great smell, moisturizing effect, and sun protection. But if you are using mango butter, use less beeswax in the balm.

Carrier Oil

Carrier oils such as coconut, jojoba, argan, or avocado oil are also needed for a beard balm. It helps to dilute the essential oils you need and gives the balm a smooth texture to mix all the other ingredients. If your beard is dry and unmanageable, coconut oil can provide a fair amount of moisture. Jojoba oil is better when you have oily facial hair. Choose your carrier oil accordingly. 


Essential Oils

The final ingredient is the essential oils for their benefits and aroma. You need only a few drops of the essential oils, which are highly concentrated. Choose an essential oil such as cedar oil, lavender, bergamot, tea tree, or sandalwood based on the kind of smell you prefer. Tea tree oils help to reduce dryness and dandruff. 

Method To Follow To Create The Beard Balm

Take 2 ounces of Shea Butter, 1 ounce of beeswax, and 3 ounces of carrier oil such as coconut oil and start heating it on low flame. You can also use a candle warmer for a mild heating effect. As the ingredients start melting and blending, stir them occasionally, but do not let it boil. Please remove it from the heat once the mixture is a smooth liquid. At this stage, you need to add the essential oils before the wax solidifies. Put only a few drops of your chosen essential oil such as lavender or bergamot into the balm and stir it well. Keep the tin or can ready in which you wish to keep your balm. Pour the mixture into the container immediately and place the cover. Let it cool overnight till the balm solidifies and becomes ready to use.  

Feel proud of making your beard balm at home that lasts you long enough at just a nominal cost. You can also improvise the ingredients for the best effect.

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