Simple Beards – Get Rid Of That Vague Shade

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There is another product for men that promises “simple beards.” They are said to be one of the easiest, quickest, and cheapest ways to add a good-looking beard. They seem to have sprung up like weeds, with all manner of products claiming to be a “simple beard” or hair straightener.

The Option Of The Simple Beards

Simple beards might be the least attractive option, but even when properly styled, they tend to look unnatural looking. The reason for this is because of the lack of moisture in the beard area. This is caused by the lack of oil in the facial hair. The “simple beard” was invented because it had been discovered that beards could be dried out and left bald, this not only looks very unattractive, but it is also very expensive.

Why bother with the “simple beard” if you are going to have a hangover a few months later from the stress of having a poorly styled beard? The “simple beard” also has its downsides. Beards straightened at home can be more easily damaged than at a professional salon, and if the facial hair is cut at a high rate, the follicles may die. So, how do you get your beard to look great without having to go through all the trouble of having a haircut or laser hair removal?

Simple Beards - Get Rid Of That Vague Shade

Simple Beards – Get Rid Of That Vague Shade

How do you make a good looking beard, but still retain the natural oils of your facial hair? In addition to a regular shaving routine, you should brush your beard regularly. You will need to use a good quality beard soap to cleanse and moisturize your beard. The moisture in your beard will prevent it from becoming frizzy or dry.

How To Maintain Simple Beards

Most men’s beards should grow for six months. However, a beard that keeps growing after six months will become unmanageable, so you will have to trim the beard and shape it back to the length you want. If you cannot trim your beard properly, go for a bad haircut. If you have the time and money, visit a professional barber.

You will need the right tools. A bristle brush or a comb will come in handy. A wide-toothed comb with a chamois will make grooming your beard much easier.

To make sure that your beard gets cleaned thoroughly, make sure that it gets washed and dried down completely before you begin to straighten it. Otherwise, you could end up with streaks on your face. The brushing tool with a broad tooth will help you get a wide range of angles in your shaving.

Simple Beards - Get Rid Of That Vague Shade

Simple Beards – Get Rid Of That Vague Shade

Avoid Using Hair Dryer

Make sure that you do not use a hair dryer unless you have a lot of time for the whole process. At the same time, a hairdryer can be very damaging to your facial hair. An electric shaver will be better.

Do not overheat your beard, since it will make it split and have split ends. Make sure that you use a short burst of heat to straighten your beard. Then, move onto the next step and make sure that you get some good conditioning oils to moisturize your beard.

Conditioning oils are like baby oil. Simply apply the conditioner on your beard using a soft round brush. Remember, if your beard is oily, then you need to take precautions while conditioning your beard to avoid drying it out.

After using conditioning oils, take a shower after your beard is clean. If you do not use a lot of conditioners, then it is fine to take a bath afterward.

Bottom Line

So, if you think that simple beards are a waste of time, then you might want to rethink it. The process of straightening your beard can take quite a while, so you might need to find a reliable provider to give you quick service.


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