Simple And Effective Tips To Grow A Big Beard

Simple And Effective Tips To Grow A Big Beard

Clean shaven chocolate boy looks are now thing of the past and long, big and short beards have been in trend for more than a year now. But growing a big beard is not as simple as it may seem. One requires lots of patience and endurance to achieve the desired length and effect. Growth and density of your beard are dictated by two hormones namely dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and Testosterone. Men that have low levels of these hormones or are less sensitive to them often face problems like stunted facial hair growth, patchy stubble, etc. But the good news is these hurdles can be dealt with without using any supplements.

Stay Healthy

Your overall health can directly affect the growth of your facial hair. To promote facial hair growth eat protein-rich food like fish, beans, and eggs. Exercise daily and get sufficient sleep. Scrub an exfoliate your face at least once a week. This removes dead cells and boosts hair growth.

Commit To Your Big Beard Goal

When you are trying to grow a big beard, there will be a time when it feels itchy and can cause considerable discomfort. Instead of shaving it off, stay committed and keep it untouched for four weeks to let the hair grow. After the time period of four weeks, itchiness and dryness tend to subside considerably as hair turns softer.

Leave Beard Untouched

During the first few weeks your beard may appear like an unkempt, wild mess of hair. Still, restrict yourself from shaping or trimming it. It grows faster when left alone. You can groom it once you hit the 4th week of the beard growth.

Simple And Effective Tips To Grow A Big Beard
Simple And Effective Tips To Grow A Big Beard

Drink Enough Water

Experts advise drinking 64 to 80 oz. of water daily to achieve fuller beard. With insufficient water, cells tend to regenerate slower as they don’t receive essential nutrients. This results in stunted, coarse and dry hair that breaks easily. Lack of sufficient water directly affects the quality and quantity of your facial hair.


Moisturizing your beard gives it fuller appearance and keeps the dryness and split ends at bay. Beard Oils with natural constituents can assist you to keep your facial hair healthy and moisturized. According to some researchers products that contain eucalyptus stimulates the growth of facial hair better than others.

Clean And Condition

Wash your beard with beard shampoo and conditioner. It’s proven that shampoo prepared from tea-tree oil clears oil buildups, removes dead cells and prevents dandruff and ingrown hair. Conditioner keeps facial hair soft and nourished and protects hair from breaking from brittleness.

Simple And Effective Tips To Grow A Big Beard
Simple And Effective Tips To Grow A Big Beard


Dead cells often restrict the growth of new facial hair. Hence, experts suggest to scrub and exfoliate your face and beard once a week with warm water and soap. Pat your face dry with a clean towel. Next, apply and massage beard oil into your beard and skin to stimulate blood circulation which can aid you in growing facial hair faster.

Stop Stroking/Plucking Your Beard

Many men have a habit of pricking or stroking their beard now and then. This can result in facial hair fall and create unnatural hair patches. Instead comb your beard regularly to keep it detangled, neat and nice.

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