Haircuts Beard Trends Of 2019

Popular Haircut With Beard Trends Of 2019

The right choice of haircut and beard styles can be a total game changer and take your sex appeal to the next level. The rule of thumb is to opt for a balance between the length of hair and length of beard. For instance, long hair with a short beard will look much more decent compared to long hair paired with a long beard. Here are some trending haircut with beard styles that can assist you in selecting the most suitable combination for a sophisticated, stylish and modern appearance.

Natural Waves And Full Beard

This look focuses on simple natural medium length wavy hair that is paired with a full beard. This combination makes you come across as a hot guy with an air of friendliness. If you are looking for something stylish yet simple than this style is for you.

Popular Haircut With Beard Trends Of 2019

Popular Haircut With Beard Trends Of 2019

Ginger Colored Hair And Beard

This is a vibrant and fun look to try, especially if you want to experiment with hair dyes. The hair is kept short and set together in a nice way. While moderate length full beard completes the overall look.

Sleek Hair, Pointed Mustache And Chinstrap

This is yet another sophisticated and elegant style where the hair is sleekly combed backward. The look is pulled together with chinstrap and pointed mustache giving you the right amount of style, elegance, and practicality. This particular style can also be sported by men who work in the corporate world and carry out business meetings.

Stylish Sideburns With Short Hair

If you are a person that prefers low maintenance or are always short of time then this look is for you. It requires fewer efforts and yet lets you come across as stylish and charming personality. To get this look, brush your hair upwards and style it hair gel or wax. Get the stylish sideburns which merge with a short beard and full mustache.

The Nerdy Look

Another easy to maintain a look with thick black gelled hair that is combed backward. The beard is kept short and light to give the sexy edge in order to uplift the appearance. You can pull off this style in any setting, whether you study at university or manage a board of directors.

Tapered Hair And Beard

Tapering is one of the awesome styling options that are available for men. It boosts your personality and adds charm by pulling together a cool appearance. Here, beard as well as hair is grown up to moderate lengths and tapered off along the edges. This strikes balance between nice and neat sidelines and messy styled hair.

Popular Haircut With Beard Trends Of 2019

Popular Haircut With Beard Trends Of 2019

Long Tied Hair And Full Beard

Long hair can be classy as well as intimidating. You can tie them back on your neck to create a friendly vibe about yourself. Go for full beard with medium length to add missing charm to your personality.

Sleek Hair And Full-length Beard

This style may seem unconventional at first. But once you try it, it may actually give you the manly edge that you are looking for. Sleek black backward combed hair along with full-length untamed beard is sure to make heads turn in your direction.

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