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Shoppers at Target for any of the lightweight, non-sticky formulas mentioned above? You’re in luck! The leading beard oil brand at Target is Cremo beard oil, and it certainly fits the bill.

In your Cremo beard balm you’ll discover: coconut oil. Coconut oil is very light, so it won’t feel heavy on your face. Plus, because it’s very similar in consistency to the skin’s own oil, it will leave no greasy after effects. Best of all, coconut oil has long been known as an excellent moisturizer. If you use a product with coconut oil as an active ingredient, you can be sure that your beard will grow back healthier, fuller and stronger.


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As an added bonus, the best target beard butter is also available at Target. Target’s brand of beard balm contains natural vitamin E. Its formula also features Shea butter, a substance which provides several health benefits. In addition to being moisturizing, Shea butter is an effective emollient, so it will soften your beard. You’ll love the way your beard looks and feels when you shave again!

When it comes to moisturizing your beard, however, nothing beats coconut oil. Even though it isn’t as highly moisturizing as some of the other products on the market, it still provides an effective daily moisturizer. When you are out shopping for a good beard cleanser, be sure to look for one with coconut oil in it. And when you buy one, make sure that it also contains Shea butter, as both are highly effective natural agents for treating the scalp and keeping your skin soft and smooth.

Old Foreman

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If you are looking for a product that works efficiently and quickly to treat your scruff, there isn’t a better choice than the shave balm and grooming mitts produced by Old Foreman. These products are designed for men with a highly sensitive area around their face that frequently becomes irritated and inflamed. The highly effective medicated formulation of Old Foreman’s beard balm and grooming mitts is formulated to penetrate deeply into the skin to provide soothing relief every time you use them.

If you’re searching for a good medicated balm to apply to your face, Old Foreman also has a line of medicated gels that contain their famous maestros butter extract. This extract is highly regarded for its ability to provide relief from minor skin irritations, such as itching and flaking. The maestros butter in these gels is extracted from the actual beard of Old Foreman himself. This makes them extremely easy to use and highly effective. Some people may experience slight adverse reactions to using Old Foreman products. This is usually attributed to overuse, but in general this is a common occurrence with most medicated beard soaps or gels.

A Line Of Highly Effective

For people who are serious about their beard care and wish to have the best target beard oil, Old Foreman makes a line of highly effective, all natural beard balm and grooming products. These products are designed for men with a very sensitive area around their face that often becomes irritated if not properly cared for.

They contain a special blend of herbs and botanicals that work together to provide healing and protection from the environment and also promote healthy growth. You won’t find a better medicated solution for dry, brittle hair.


With a very mild and simple formula you can benefit greatly from Old Foreman products, and if you do decide to use any of their products you are guaranteed to enjoy the results. Whether you are looking to maintain your beard, cure scruffs and/or treat acne, Old Foreman has the product to suit your needs. Even if you just want to look better with a clean shaven face, Old Foreman has the right solution. In fact their entire range of O.F.C. products are dedicated to people just like you.

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