How To Trim A Beard Like A Pro

How To Trim A Beard Like A Pro

Growing beards has been a fashion fad since years. But, lately a trimmed beard is becoming the hottest trend. Be it a neatly trimmed goatee or a thick full grown facial hair, trimmed beard is a thing of beauty. And your girl’s only thing to adore. So, keep your beards in line with our pro trimming guide.

What Is Beard Trimming All About?

Firstly, a proper trimming gives your beard the desired shape without protruding it away from your face. Secondly, a neat look with evenly shaped beard is extremely classy and it enhances your look in such a way that you can’t imagine. Here’s a look at how to trim a beard like a pro and that too at your home.

From the initial trim to control your Mustache, it takes a lot of things to consider while trimming a beard.

How To Trim A Beard Like a Pro
How To Trim A Beard Like a Pro

End-To-end Trimming

For this part, simply wash your beard thoroughly and let it dry. After it’s dried up enough, simply start with the longest hair and slowly bring it down. Set your trimmer to the longest setting and trim it wherever possible. For the best results, go against the direction of your hair and get rid of the excess hair there.

Trims That Define Neckline

Neckline beards are certainly an eye candy but, it’s a bit tricky to get that that shape. Place a finger horizontally on the Adam’s apple. Now run your trimmer under the jawline on one side and slowly drag it to the other side. If you are looking to get sporty stubble with a defined neckline this is definitely going to be your go-to style option.

Shave Away The Remaining Stubble

Shave off the excess stubble that might stay there even after a thorough trimming. The only way to get rid of these is to get them shaved. Master this skills when you learn how to trim a beard.

A Natural Look

With trimmed beards you can also notch up a natural look. Even, the trimmed stubbles in your cheek line makes you look insanely adorable. Keep it as it is, butt for a bold and crispy look, trim it little round along the sides. Give the lower part of the beard a bit heavy look to make it appear longer.

Shape Up Your Mustache

Trimming your Mustache is one of the integral parts of the process. The ideal way to trim your Mustache is to trim it in the length of your beard. However, for an enhanced look, you can keep it slightly longer. Make sure that the beard stands out in whatever way you are trimming it.

If you are planning for a beardy look that also neatly defines your nice, clean lip line, simply close your mouth, and trim your mustache around that area. The best way to keep your beardy look amazing is to keep your mustache clean and trim the bottom until a clear line appears above your lips.

Knowing the proper ways of trimming is actually a life skill. Follow this guide to ace your beardy look, next time you go for trimming your stubbles.

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