How To Go About Choosing A Chin Beard

chin beard

Chin beard is actually an umbrella phrase that refers to any sort of facial beard that covers either part or all of your chin, generally without the accompanying mustache. It does not have to be clean. In fact, some aficionados don’t shave it all off but only select areas on the chin where they tend to grow the most. Chin beard usually only has two rules to follow.

First, select a chin strap beard grooming tool that has a large, circular head that easily affixes onto your face. These usually come in various styles, shapes, and sizes to accommodate your face and preferences. It is recommended that you try out a few different ones until you find one that feels comfortable to use. Make sure the head firmly clings to your face so that you won’t accidentally pull it off and become a talking piece. You may also want to consider an adjustable jaw angle to make it easier to trim your facial hair.

Chin Beard

Chin Beard

Second, a good chin beard style should incorporate a good amount of fullness. Fullness on top is usually achieved by cutting off some of the facial hair on top of the chin along with a carefully positioned and thinned-out mustache to frame the shaved chin. If you’re going to go this route, you may as well choose a good style that offers an upper lip definition.

Third, you can go either with a French fork or a side burner. A French fork is ideal for those who frequently go away on trips and want their face to remain shaven, whereas side burners are ideal for those who work in corporate environments or those who regularly spend the day working at the office. The majority of facial beards start out with a French fork. This is because it provides the best balance between a shaven face and a beard. However, if you’re going to go with a side burner, then a side burner comb or wireframe is your best option.

Fourth, the goatee. Goatees have grown in popularity over the past ten years or so and are a great alternative to mutton chops. If you’re looking to get a goatee, then you’ll find plenty of options online and at your local barbershop. They are characterized by long hair framing a thin chin hair strip that starts just above the eyes and ends below your chin level.

A Much Ado 

Chin Beard

A popular variation of the goatee is the “soul” goatee. Soul goates are characterized by long hair that flows down from the top of your head and falls gently into your chest. They are typically worn by men who don’t shave their facial hair and are tired of having to shave their heads. Soul goates are also great when you are going somewhere warm where a sweater is required but you still want a little bit of style.

The last variation of facial hair is the short beard. The short beard, or Verdi beard as it is sometimes referred to, is another wonderful option for those who aren’t going for a full beard. It is characterized by short hair that frames your face above the ears. Most often the short beard will grow slightly longer as you mature, but many choose to keep it shorter and let it grow naturally. For those who choose to shave their chin line, a side burner, wireframe or comb is your best option to complete your look.

Final Words 

As you can see, there are a number of goatee styles out there to choose from. No matter what facial hairstyle you choose, you can pull it off. Some people like to wear their beards longer and some like to shave their cheeks, but whatever suits you best, I’m sure can be done. Just remember that when it comes to facial hair, everyone has their own preference.

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