Hair Design Trends That You Must Follow -

Hair Design Trends That You Must Follow

Hair Design Trends That You Must Follow

If the year that has gone by and had its focus on natural hair texture, 2019 is about statement-makings styles and cuts. The low-maintenance hair design trends of the last year have been taken up a mark with bold and shaggy layers making their presence felt. Blunt fringe, 90’s long cut, and vintage-inspired bob are hairstyles that have gained huge popularity this year. If you are in the lookout of a design that screams texture and volume, the wavy lobs and modern pixies are popular haircuts that will make it easier for you to make the right choice. Regardless of which haircut suits your style, it will surely be the thing that you require for making the year a better one for you.

Beachy Bob

For the ones who are simply fond of the laid-back appearance of mermaid layers but are looking for something shorter, this twist of the classic bob would be perfect. Beachy bob hairstyle is a blunt cut that does not feature any layers. Instead, the gradated hair length makes way for movement. This haircut can easily be styled with a lot of salt spray and loose waves for getting an ideal beachy appearance despite being landlocked.

5 Hair Design Trends That You Must Follow
Hair Design Trends That You Must Follow

Eighties Blowout

Old haircuts are coming back and they are doing so in full force.  The 80’s hairstyle means hair accessories and big blowouts. Sharing out blowout jelly in damp hair and then blow-drying the hair using a round hairbrush can help you in getting mega volume.

Sleek Lobs

Of course, the lob has got a good presence even in these modern times. However, there is a slight difference in the updo. Instead of waving out, the hairstylists of the modern era are taking it super glossy and straight. They are more of straight and smooth locks ending at the shoulders. This is a frizz-free, trendy, glossy and lustrous hair design that will work wonders. Your appearance will carry it well.

Curly And Full

Nowadays, there are women who are in the lookout of embracing their all-natural hair and making the most of their textures. The ones with curly hair are in the lookout of giving their curls more individuality by going for layers and heavy bangs. This encourages movement and volume as well. The curly and full hairstyle speaks of both internal and external layers that make the hair look less bulky. It also helps in creating shape. This is a haircut that can easily be styled by simply ensuring that is curls are dry. It is a frizz-free hairstyle.

5 Hair Design Trends That You Must Follow
Hair Design Trends That You Must Follow

Strong Bob

This hairstyle is also called blunt bob and it has gained huge popularity in recent times. This is more of a statement-cut. It is a cool hairstyle that goes with almost any hair texture.

Chandelier layers and textured and short chops are other popular hairstyles that women are looking to embrace in 2019.

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