Hair Clippers Micro Trimmer

Hair Clippers Micro Trimmer

Maintaining a clean and well maintained facial feature always provide a classy and attractive look. Especially if you have to attend somewhere you work with formal outfits. It is why shaver tools have invented. Shaver tools are meant to keep man’s facial features clean and smooth and thereby providing neat attire. Various modifications have also been made in the hair clippers to offer more efficiency as well as convenience to shaving and trimming. Besides the safety of the person while trimming or shaving is also one of the first parts that should be kept in mind.

Hair Clippers Micro Trimmer

We are here to introduce such a product that can bring utter comfort in your shaving works and can get your job done at ease. The average razor you bought from the market might have been doing its job correctly. But think will not be it much more comfortable if your heard and sideburns are done both using a single tool at once? It will save much of your time and effort, as well.

2-in-1 Grooming Stick

The manufacturers have added several features to the trimmer so that it can be used in multiple usages with convenience. The trimmer is the perfect integration of a thin and slightly bigger trimmer. The lightweight trimmer attached to it is to trim the mustache and beard, nose hairs and eyebrows. Now comes the part of the second trimmer. All you need to do is to slide the orange section at the bottom of the trimmer, and you can see a bigger trimmer is popping out. This trimmer is meant to control the larger patches of hairs like the sideburns.

Product Details

If you lack time to visit your barber on a frequent notice, this trimmer will ease your job efficiently. Using trimmer will undoubtedly help you to have control over all the body hairs. You can now get your job done quickly, and hence, you don’t need to pay for a service. You will certainly enjoy the smooth and even cuts. The built-in LED light indicates while it is at work. The trimmer comes in the size of 17*2.5*4cms. This site is not more than that of a pen. This feature makes the trimmer easy to carry anywhere easily.

More On The Trimmer

The trimmer runs with the help of two AAA batteries. The manufacturers have added certain safety features with the trimmer to ensure the user’s safety. The other clip than the one you are using will not run until the first one gets turned off. All you need to check is not to expose the trimmer to water. The trimmer is not water-proof, and it will start malfunctioning if the water gets inside. Stainless steel has been used in the making of the trimmer, and ABS plastic has been used to form the case. A rubber grip has also been added to ensure a non-slippery and steady grip.


So don’t wait more and grab the item as soon as you can before the stock gets sold out. The product has become quite the hot cake among the customers for its 2-in-1 usage. You can get it from any of your nearby supermarkets, or else you can purchase it online. The product comes within a very affordable range.

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