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Goatee: A Look At The Different Kinds

Choosing Among Different Goatee Styles

First, you must understand what exactly a goatee is. It is gaining huge popularity among college students and business professionals. It is one facial hair fashion that that just looks great irrespective of the variation that you are going for. Knowing the right way of shaving facial hair and maintaining a specific style can go a long way in making the difference in appearing like a hobo or movie star.

Why Grow Goatees?

Out of all the different good reasons why guys should prefer to grow goatees, the easy maintenance and growth of this style seems to be a common one. You can easily grow one regardless of the style that you are choosing. It is perfect for men who are in their twenties and even for individuals who do not have much facial hair growth but like to go with some styling. There are many guys who struggle with uneven and patchy beard that grows thicker in the upper lip and chin area. Going for a goatee would be the perfect solution for such men. It is one style that has the ability of masking a weak or undershot chin by offering the illusion of shape and fullness. Additionally, men with thin mouth can hide this problem by going for goatees.

 Choosing Among Different Goatee Styles
Choosing Among Different Goatee Styles

Which Style Suits You Best?

Now that you have a clear idea of all the reasons and benefits of going for this type of facial hair growth, it is time for you to know which style would suit you best. Making the choice of the right beard style is quite similar to selecting your hairstyle. Both are cases where the style that you choose should complement the shape of your face and if you fail to do so then you might have an awkward appearance. So, the very first step would be to understand the style that goes with your face shape.

Choosing Among Different Goatee Styles
Choosing Among Different Goatee Styles

Ideal Face Shape

People with angular and slim faces are the best candidates. However, with this face shape, you must not allow the goatee to grow very long. This might make your face look quite lean. You can even use this style for making your round face appear a tad slimmer. Everything aside, it is necessary for you to know that this is a style that is not dependent on the shape of your face as all the other styles. But, this does not necessarily mean that you must not take your chin curves and jaw angles into consideration. You must definitely pay attention to all these factors.

Other Popular Face Shapes For Such Beard

  • Norse skipper, anchor, rap industry and soul patch for round faces.
  • Full, chin puff and handlebar, balbo and goat patch for diamond-shaped faces.
  • Mustache and goatee, chin puff and handlebar and balbo for square-shaped faces.
  • Goat patch and anchor for triangular face shapes.
  • Chin strap goatee, handlebar, extended and Van Dyke for Oblong faces.

There are several options available regardless of the face shape that you have.

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