Finding The Best Beard Care Brands

beard care brands

When it comes to beard care brands, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of options available. Each one seems to claim that they are the best or brand that will make your beard grow faster, thicker and healthier. How can you tell which is true and which one is just a sales pitch?

Best Beard Care Brands

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The simple answer is you don’t need to buy beard care brands at all. There are dozens of effective, easy to use products available that won’t break the bank and don’t require a degree in dermatology. By far the best way to care for your hair and your beard is from the inside out.

The key to healthy growth is proper nutrition and plenty of hydration. The first step in making sure your beard looks its best is to buy a good quality electric shaver. Once you have one of these you will never have to shave again. It is the only method of beard care that can cut through the whisker to get to the hair shaft. The beard oil, essential oils and organic, natural oils that you apply to your face to provide moisturizing as well as protection.

Organic Beard Oil And Beards

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Organic beard oil and beards made with high-quality beard wax are best for rehydrating your beard. These products will prevent your beard from drying out by penetrating deep into the hair shaft. Aftershave balms are great for keeping your face dry while you are shaving. They will also prevent your face from drying out by penetrating the skin to moisturize.

To cleanse your beard regularly you should use a beard wash. A beard wash is best used once a week or after every other shave. It is the perfect solution to keeping your face clean and smelling fresh. The best ingredients to look for in a good beard wash are fragrance and soap free. Some brands of beard care products have only soap but this doesn’t really matter as much as not to over-clean your face.

If you want to rehydrate your beard then you will need to re-gel your beard. The best beard care products for regeling are those made with all natural products. These will help to replenish your body oils leaving your face feeling very soft. It is a good idea to get your face and neck gels from the same grooming brand so they are usually very compatible.

Explore More About Beard Care Brands

The beard has many uses and is a great way to keep your skin moisturized. Some people do not suffer from facial acne problems but still have dry and flaky skin. For people like this that suffer from beardruff, the dryness can lead to a redness of the skin that is caused by the itchiness. You can usually solve this problem by using a pre-medicated topical treatment that usually comes in creams or gels. Before you go out to buy one of these you should see if any of your friends or colleagues have tried it to find out which is the best so you know how effective the cream is.

Final Thoughts

There are also a number of essential oils on the market today that are used to soften and condition the beard. I recommend you find out more about these and the way each works with your particular skin type before you spend money on an expensive oil to condition your facial hair. A good rule of thumb is to always use a conditioning treatment after a warm rinse to seal your pores and soothe your skin. Just because a product is called essential oil doesn’t mean that it is the best for your skin.

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