Facial Hair And Beard And Its Significance

Facial Hair and beardare incredibly significant. If you have these, then it is a good idea to know about their significance. In the scriptures, it was mentioned that shaving of a beard is not a symbol of man. This is the most crucial difference between a man and a woman. Beard grows typically from the testosterone, hormones, and androgens. Both beard and body hair are signs of masculinity. If you completely shave off your beard, then it will undoubtedly affect your masculinity.

1. Facial Hair And Beard Mainly Signify Self Restraint And Patience

Beards emerged mainly to communicate some formidability to the other males. It was after many years there was a picture of happiness as well as angry bearded men. There was also another picture of a clean-shaven, happy, and bitter man. The men who had beards got a higher rating in terms of masculinity. And even aggressiveness. Today, there is a ‘beard envy” phenomenon. Here men without beards often suffer from low esteem and jealousy. If there is a comparison between men who have lower voice pitch and beard and clean-shaven men with higher voice pitch, you will find that the bearded men were highly rated though some thoughts say that beards were kept to attract women. However, some other studies report that beards were followed by men to show their dominance over other men.

2. Men Who Have Facial Hair Are More Attractive Than Clean-Shaven Men

Men with facial hair can attract women more. However, this entirely depends on each individual. Some women like the clean-shaven look in men. Some others prefer the bearded, rugged look men. However, the survey says that women rate men with facial hair and beards higher up if you compare the rating with clean-shaven men.

Men with heavy stubble are always more attractive to women than others. Moreover, men with beard also feel more confident than clean-shaven men. It is seen that men with facial hair can get women much faster as compared to others.

It is true that facial Hair or beard only contributes to the physical appearance of the person. What matters the most is the actual character of the person. But if you are in a dilemma about whether you should or should not keep the beard, then the best thing is to check out what looks best on you. This matter, but other qualities in men, indeed seem more attractive to women. Things like beards and facial Hair add to the overall personality of the individual. You can also talk to a stylist and take his suggestions on this. He will be able to tell you if a beard look suits you.

The significance of Beard And Facial Hair In Men
The significance of Beard And Facial Hair In Men
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