Do Women Prefer Men With Beard?

Do women prefer men with beard?

The history of beard and mustache is fascinating. It wasn’t in fashion for high-ranking men a decade back to grow hair on their chins. However, the kings were known to sport metal beards as signs of their sovereignty. Today men from all parts of the globe are posting beard or mustache selfies, flaunting it with pride to subvert the social order. The facial hair trend can reflect cultural values, but, above all, it can be irresistibly sexy and classy. If you belong to the clean-shaven club, the following is not for you.

Do Women Prefer Men With Beard
Do Women Prefer Men With Beard

Reasons Why Women Find Men With Beard Irresistible.

  • Beards were associated with wisdom that comes with age — being one of the prominent reasons that the most powerful deities in the ancient times were seen with a hefty amount of facial hair or beard.
  • Typical male facial features such as robust jawline and a pronounced brow ridge may signal health.  While beards indicate men’s age and male social dominance in the practical limits. Its a known fact, masculine faces are judged as attractive and charming for short-term dating goals over less masculine faces. While beards are judged attractive than clean-shaven faces for long-term dating goals or marriage.
  • Men with beard are considered to have a perfect combination of masculine and feminine features. It makes them more attractive for the long-term. Men with beard are genetic proof of masculinity. More the facial hair an individual has, the more masculine he would be perceived. We bet most of the woman seconds this logic.
  • A dating site revealed 60 percent of women found men with beard attractive. Fifty percent of the participants chose men with a beard and mustache as ideal partners.
  • Beard length says a lot about men. According to a leading newspaper, 351 women and 177 heterosexual men were roped into weigh in on men with various phases of beard growth, and rate each bearded face on the parameters of “attractiveness, masculinity, health and potential parenting ability.”

Facts Favor Men With Beard

  • Interestingly, men with a heavy 15-day beard were ranked most attractive, where men with light stubble (5 days of growth) got the lowest scores across the board from both men and woman in each category.
  • Women are more likely to prefer a bearded man as a better life partner or father than a non-bearded man. They view him more likely to stick around and both protect as well as invest in his potential offspring.
Do Women Prefer Men With Beard?
Do Women Prefer Men With Beard

The Evergreen Style

  • It seems men sporting a beard, or the lack of it can make or break your chances of getting a pretty date. Going by the recent surveys, women find beard more attractive than the clean-shaven. If that’s not enough heartbreaking, the opinion poll also indicates they make better partners in the long run. Dear men, maybe now it’s time you start investing more in a beard gel than shaving cream. After all, you ought to get married someday!!
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