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Handlebar Mustaches: Growing Stage

Different Stages Of Growing The Handlebar Mustaches

I have encountered the question “how long does it take to get a good handlebar mustache?” many times. But, not always my answer satisfy the people who asked the question in the first place. It took me almost three and a half months to get a respectable handlebar mustache. Don’t feel disappointed guys. I know all it takes is a commitment, but don’t get discouraged. You will have a better start by knowing the different stages of growing handlebar mustaches.

Making your mind to grow your handlebar mustache can be done in a day. But to grow it to its full maturity may require three to three and a half months minimum. If you accept that, then you are good to enter in the game. Prepare your mind accordingly for taking care of all the phases your mustache will go through to get your desired handlebar look.

Different Stages Of Growing The Handlebar Mustaches
Different Stages Of Growing The Handlebar Mustaches

Phase 1: Stubble

This is the first and easy stage. You may already have a mustache, goatee or full beard and mustache combo. And by taking care, you may get your luck favor you to wear handlebar mustache wax. If that is the stage you are in, then you can simply jump down to phase two of growing handlebar mustaches. If you want your normal mustache to grow to a handlebar mustache, here are your first tips –

1. Firstly, don’t shave the side of your mustache hairs because you may need it later on.

2. Use a rough bristled brush for massaging the skin underneath your mustache. Remove dead skin from the lip and clear your lip from bailed hairs.

3. Thirdly, you can use your mustache wax to direct the mustache hairs towards sides as well as condition the hair that remains underneath.

Different Stages Of Growing The Handlebar Mustaches
Different Stages Of Growing The Handlebar Mustaches

Phase 2: Itchy

This phase is a bit tricky as at this phase you will get tempted to clip the hairs near the lip line because it will itch. Sometimes hair will creep inside your mouth, and you will just feel like trimming it all. But JUST DON”T. You will need them later. This is the phase where most dismiss.

Hang on there, because this stage will last for two weeks only before your hair grows long enough to stay in place when you comb them to sides. Tips to withstand in this phase-

1. Most importantly, use wax every day at this time. You need to maintain the hold and also protect your skin.

2. Feed your mind with positive affirmations to stop your urge to trim it all for getting relief from the itchiness. Suck it up and stick it to your mind “nothing rewarding happens overnight”.

Different Stages Of Growing The Handlebar Mustaches
Different Stages Of Growing The Handlebar Mustaches

Phase 3: Awesome

Finally arrives the big pay off time, if you have managed to pass the phase two. Around eight to nine weeks, you will grow a youthful handlebar mustache. In that time the middle portion of your mustache won’t have grown completely to reach the ends of the sides. But the look will be of a handlebar from a distant. But when you reach the three or three and a half months’ mark- Bro You Are There! Congratulations!

In the final phase, you need to take care of some instructions-

1. Focus on the mustache and its tips.

2. Gently twist your tips towards your face instead of outwards. Your mustache tips must hug your face and not look pointy like a bull’s horns.

3. Why don’t you become a mentor for other men for growing handlebar mustaches as you have become an expert!

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