Beard Maintenance For Every Man

Best Beard Maintenance Tips Every Man Should Know

Beard maintenance is no joke. You cannot grow a good beard without putting in proper time and care. Good beard does not grow by accident but by hard work.

Growing good looking beard is just one thing. The real process lies in how well you care for it. Your whiskers will look attractive even if they are thinner and patchier than others only if you know how to maintain them. Some tips for maintaining a soft and satisfying scruff are as follows:

Best Beard Maintenance Tips Every Man Should Know
Best Beard Maintenance Tips Every Man Should Know

Beard Maintenance: Know The Difference Between Beard Balm And Beard Oil

Many individuals are not aware off the fact that a beard balm and beard oil have varied advantages. Beard balms are used as styling agents for adding shape and volume to beards.

On the other hand, beard oils serve as conditioning and moisturizing agents. They help in stimulating the growth of your facial hair. They are useful in keeping the health of your beard and the skin underneath intact.

So, both these products can nourish your beard but in different ways. The balm is for protection and styling. It will protect your beard from dehydration and environmental wear. Oil works by softening the bristles. Knowing when to use them is vital for maintaining a beard.

Beard Maintenance: Keep The Face Relaxed While Trimming Your Mustache

Many men tend to ignore the mustache thinking it to be a small strip of hair on the face. They fail to understand that even the mustache requires attention and grooming. You need to keep your mustache trimmed while you’re trying to maintain your beard.

The key to getting the right trim is maintaining a resting and relaxed face. This ensures that the mustache works for all expressions.  Make the effective use of scissors in place of electric clippers as they will offer a more natural outcome. You will also require a comb for combing the mustache hairs down. This way, you can determine the amount of bulk and length you want to trim.

Make Sure The Beard Neckline Resembles A “U”

There is no need for you to worry if you are not able to carve your beard neckline in the right manner. Many guys are not good at this mainly because you can go wrong with this process. Nevertheless, there is one correct method of ensuring the beard neckline is quite similar to the letter “U.”

Take the middle and the index finger and place them over Adam’s apple for determining the baseline of your beard bottom. It will help you in setting the perfect line straight across the neck using a razor or trimmer. Use this point to shave a “U” shape right from the back of your ears. It should be the beard neckline of every guy.

Best Beard Maintenance Tips Every Man Should Know
Best Beard Maintenance Tips Every Man Should Know

Beard Maintenance Also Involves Proper Skincare

You should not forget the health of your skin in trying to maintain your beard. After all, your beard should not cause any infection or irritation. You should take the time to indulge in pre and post-shave skincare.

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