Best Beard Grooming Kits 2021

Beard Grooming Kits

There are many beard grooming kits launched on the market every year, but a few make it to the top list. Here are some of the best beard grooming kits available on the market.

Beard Oil and Comb Set – PROPHET AND TOOLS

comb set

Because if you’ve been growing out your facial hair these past few months, beard oil is a must—it’ll be dry (and your skin will be flaky) without it. Trust me. 

Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit – RAPID BEARD

A man wearing glasses

When you’re picking out products that are going to be applied to your face, it’s a good idea to make sure you know what’s in them. Rapid Beard’s grooming essentials are made from all-natural argan and vitamin E oils, so you don’t have to look up how to pronounce half the ingredients involved. 

Beard Grooming Kit – JACK BLACK

Jack Black: Not just a dude with a historically nice beard! The Jack Black skincare brand (no association, sadly) is pretty solid too, especially if you’re in the market for a grooming kit that covers all the basics without breaking the bank.

Beard Grooming Kit – NATURENICS

Well, well, well. Here’s something you won’t find in most other pedestrian grooming kits (not that any on this list are pedestrian in the slightest!): Beard Balm Bee Wax Butter, a natural—and excellent—way to smooth out any pesky flyaway facial hairs. 

Ultimate Shave Set – KIEHL’S

A limited-edition set courtesy of the grooming gods at Kiehl’s, featuring a medley of the brand’s beloved skincare products, including its fan-favorite facial fuel formula (say that ten times fast!) and enough product to keep your beard in tip-top shape for months to come. 


Grave Before Shave sort of sounds like a cult centered around people who share similarly shaped facial hair, but if you’re investing in a beard grooming kit maybe you…belong in one?

Travel Bundle Shave Set – HARRY’S

Because, yes, you do need to shave just a bit to keep your beard in check, a grooming kit that travels well (when travel is an actual thing again) is a bonus if you’re prone to bad beard days on the road. 

The Perfect Shave Kit – ANTHONY

If you have sensitive skin, Anthony’s shave kit comes with a whole host of grooming essentials that make the process of touching up your facial hair a painless pleasure. 

Ultimate Beard Kit – MAISON LAMBERT

For those of us who dream of turning the hair above our upper lips into a tricked-out mustache worthy of a swashbuckling 17th century pirate, or at least, like, a natural wine sommelier in Williamsburg. 

Shave Kit – BEVEL

Bevel designed its all-encompassing kit to service your needs from the beginning of the shaving process to the very end. The brand’s shaving package includes products that’ll  protect and nourish your skin pre, during, and post shave.

These are some of the best beard grooming kits 2021.

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