Beard Styles Trending Nowadays

Types Of Beard Styles Trending Nowadays

To the 21st-century man, the modest facial hair is more a fashion buzz than a grown-up symbol.

In the previous couple of years beard has transformed from cash sparing ploy into a definitive style statement – and one that is a source of your general look as well as a demeanour of the inner you, as well.

Adaptable and versatile, beard can change the shape of a guy’s face and totally modify what he looks like in formals or jeans and a T-shirt. A stubble on the face can transform a baby face look into an older, hide a double chin, and draw attention.

Men are presently trying different styles to keep various types of beards.

Let’s know about distinctive beard styles in trend these days.


Fuller than an ordinary facial hair, the Ducktail has been known as a trade off between a well-prepped respectable man and a rebel. The upper portion of the beard is shorter while you can give the lower a chance to part go, to a point where it’s satisfying for you.

The Ducktail is extraordinary decision for a man with rectangular shape face.


The chinstrap beard or strip is a non-full facial hair that has been depicted in two or three different ways. It resembles a long soul patch that reaches out to the tip of your jawline.

In case that you have a round face, the chinstrap enables you to throw attention on your jawline.

Arabic Beard

Types Of Beard Styles Trending Nowadays
Types Of Beard Styles Trending Nowadays

It’s like the Amish or Whaler facial hair with the exception of that it incorporates a moustache.

The standard variant is a genuine hybrid, as it incorporates sideburns that stretch out to the jawline, a cut down moustache which develops to simply past the edges of the mouth, and a soul patch that starts just underneath the upper lip and resembles a modified triangle.


Alright, so you desire to attempt the Hollywoodian. So, shave off your sideburns while giving your whiskers a chance to develop and complete the look with a moustache that stretches out to your beard. Toss in a full beard fix for great measure and there you go!

Light stubble

It is a well known style that even numerous ladies like on their man. It is also not at all difficult to keep up and just requires around seven days of non-shaving.

Who is it for? The light stubble is especially amazing option for men with round faces.

The Balbo

Nothing keeps the facial structure and top lip warm like this beard type. It provides character and great coverage to face, especially with a Handlebar moustache.

Corporate beard

Types Of Beard Styles Trending Nowadays
Types Of Beard Styles Trending Nowadays

This is the most widely recognized facial hair type in the world. It’s full, it covers the skin totally, and it’s good for office goers.

You will require around fourteen days to two months to appropriately grow this beard, contingent upon hereditary qualities. Also, in case that you work in a formal setting, make certain to keep your neck area and cheek line trimmed to deliver the professional appearance. The corporate beard style is an incredible alternative for people with genetics to grow full beard.

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