An Easy Way To Grow A Handlebar Mustache

An Easy Way To Grow A Handlebar Mustache

A handlebar mustache is very less seen among men these days. However, it is a great look to carry if it suits your face cut and personality and even easy to grow if you have patience. Let us look at natural methods to grow a handlebar mustache.


Collect Your Supplies: The very first thing to focus on is to choose a wax and a comb for your facial hair. There is a variety of wax available in the market to choose the best product accordingly.

Do Not Shave Your Upper Lip: Stop shaving on your upper lip and let the hair grow in its entire form. To play a safe game, do not shave any part of your facial hair and help your mustache to grow completely. It may take three months for complete growth and for hair to become thick but do not give up.

Align Your New Hair: Once it grows completely, starts training them to give the desired shape. Half the mustache down to your lip and comb it half way through your nose. Put some wax before combing to let them stick to your face.

Test While Waiting: It needs a lot of patience to grow mustache. So, to let it grow fully you will have to wait and meanwhile what you can do is a test with grown hair. Try twisting them from the corners and see how it looks on your face.

An Easy Way To Grow A Handlebar Mustache
An Easy Way To Grow A Handlebar Mustache


Decide Your Style: As soon as the tips of your mustache grow long to decide on to which way you want to keep your style, whether just a mustache or with beard. Only analyse your face cut and then choose accordingly. Handlebar looks perfect on both clean shaved face or beard face.

Shape It Using A Blow Dryer: Once you grow facial hair, after taking a shower in morning or any time of the day, dry you mustache after a shower, comb them and blow dry to give a set look.

Apply The Wax: Apply your mustache wax and comb it finely. Carefully spread it so that it coats all your mustache hair. The wax should not be visible on hair so ensure if you add a lot of wax brush it out with your mustache comb.

Shape It A Final Look: After shaping, give a final look to your mustache. Twist the edges and shape them the way you want.

An Easy Way To Grow A Handlebar Mustache
An Easy Way To Grow A Handlebar Mustache


Rinse Them Daily: Make sure you care them well. Wash them daily with a shampoo and a conditioner. Always wash your mustache at night as well before sleeping as some people only was them in morning.

Take Care While Eating And Drinking: Take proper care of your mustache while eating or drinking as crumbled food can stick to it.

Eat Nutritional Food: Eat healthy food and nutrients good for hair growth like salmon, egg yolks, avocados and that helps you in rapid growth. You will be able to see best results in next two months if you follow all guidelines.

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