Beard Styles: Beard Of 2019

The main aim of you having a beard is to give your face that uniqueness and style. It is always nice to have a good-looking beard that enhances your character. The beard styles you want to try will give that dimension and angle to your face.

However, you will want to know that not all faces are the same. While some men have round faces, some have oval faces. In some cases, the jaw line can give a rectangle sort of an appearance to the face.

What Are Some Of The Popular Beard Designs?
What Are Some Of The Popular Beard Designs?

Importance Of A Beard On The Face

You can also have square shaped faces, though commonly found in elderly men. As you can see, the shape the face, hair factor, and jaw line matters the most when choosing a beard style. There are tons of beard designs for you to choose.

Men would be surprised to know that you several hundred beard styles to select for your face. A trip the barber will enable you to find the best fit. However, you can also make use of the internet and find out the kind of beard you plan on having on your face.

The beard should be such that the facial features of you must be showcased. Remember, not all the styles will be suitable for you. Given below are few beard styles that you can try out, until you find the best style for your face.

What Are Some Of The Popular Beard Designs?
What Are Some Of The Popular Beard Designs?

How You Can Choose Right Beard Style For Your Face

Square Styles

The square style is achieved when you shave your face using a sharp trimmer or blade. Shave right near your cheek and have the beard short. Keep it longer at the chin and shorter on the sides.

If you have a square shaped face, then this kind of beard will show case your masculine face. You must do it in such a way that the hair grows more on the chin and is kept short on the sides.

This kind of beard takes about a few weeks or a month to grow completely. Hence, you need to be patient. For those of you whose hair grows faster, then it might take less than a month to achieve the look.

What Are Some Of The Popular Beard Designs?
What Are Some Of The Popular Beard Designs?

Circle Beard

Similar to the square style beard, the circle beard is another kind of beard. This kind of style is suitable for those with round faces. You can have a patch at the chin of your face and moustache that gives the shape.

This kind of beard is achieved such that you need to ensure that the hair around your jaw line is shaped round. It is not necessary that you have to be bulky or a heavy individual to have this kind of a beard.

Even slim individuals can consider having this sort of a beard. The idea here is to leave as much hair as possible around the chin and keep the moustache thick in shape. That way, you know that you are in the right direction.

You have several other beard designs to choose. Eventually the kind of beard design you select must highlight the features of your face clearly. This is something, which you will want to take care of.

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