A Guide to Choosing the Best Vegan Beard Oil

vegan beard products

If you are thinking of a new look for your hair, then consider trying vegan products for your beard. You will feel more confident about your appearance, and it’s healthier too! Beards are often the first place people notice you, so why not improve the way you present yourself? You will also notice that you have more energy and a more authentic look. It is a natural extension of your personality.

V-Beard. Some men choose to use vegan, facial care products for their beards. David rafter is a man who paid a lot of attention to his appearance and treated his beard like performance art. He has taken what he learned from other cultures and made his own personal hybrid of vegan facial care products. The result is a unique, vegan beard oil that gives him hairstyling benefits without sacrificing his health.

Vegan Beard Balm. There are a lot of vegan beard care products on the market, but few contain essential oils. Avid beardsman knows that there is a special cream in some vegan beard care products that they need in order to keep their facial hair lush and strong. The vegan beard balm helps to prevent the drying out of the skin.

Vegan Beard Products

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Beard Butter. Vegan beard products contain essential oils from plants. Most plant extracts are very delicate and must be processed under very controlled conditions. That is why most companies don’t include them in their products.

Beard Brush. There are two kinds of vegan beard brushes. The best ones are handmade with natural ingredients. They are not mass-produced by machines that may contribute to environmental pollution. My favorite vegan beard brush is made by Aveda:

Beard Cream. Most mainstream brands do not contain any natural ingredients in their vegan grooming products. They are mostly made up of alcohol, which is drying to your face. But the vegan beard balm and beard oil from Aveda is free of alcohol and will help protect you from dryness. If you use other mainstream beard oil or moisturizer, you may find that it dries out your skin because it is too harsh. On the other hand, an Aveda product will not dry out your face but will soften it and nourish your skin.

Essential Oils. A lot of products are sold as essential oils. Unfortunately, they have just concentrated on plant fragrances. It is very difficult to create a really good product, even when using high-quality essential oils. But you can use Aveda vegan beard oils instead – they are much gentler and they do not have the powerful plant fragrances that other products may have.

A Much Ado

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Shampoo. This is something that most people do not consider when looking for vegan grooming products. But make no mistake: vegan shampoo and conditioner are not like your everyday commercial shampoo. You may notice that the label says “non-toxic” and “green”, and you might be inclined to think that it is okay to use these kinds of ingredients in a non-vegan way. However, there are some things that you should know: Most commercial shampoos contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate, which is a petroleum derivative that can cause dermatitis and is actually known to contribute to cancer.

Beard Balm. Many people who do not take organic products are quite confused about beard balms and what they are. Basically, these products are simply essential oils that are designed to add moisture and a nice scent to your beard. You can use them for all types of beard care – not just your face. And Aveda even offers specific balms to treat your body hair! Vegan beard oils are a great way to go.

Hand Conditioner. These are the best kinds of beard oils. There are many different essential oils and a variety of hand and facial creams that are designed to provide your skin with all of the moisture and nutrients that it needs. A lot of these products also feature Shea butter or other plant extracts as moisturizers. Aveda even has a line of vegan beard oils called Aveda Organics that is specially designed for men and women.

Final Words

Grooming kits. A lot of people who are new to veganism or just want to try a different kind of lifestyle often wonder if there are any vegan products that would work for them. The answer is that there are a lot of really good products available, and the only thing you need to do is to find a brand that you like. Aveda organics and Aveda Fashion are two companies that consistently deliver great products that help people look and feel better about themselves.

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