9 Tips To Grow A Big Beard

9 Tips For You To Grow A Big Beard

Most men want to grow a big beard. But not all know the “Hows!” We are not exceptional because many guys ask us these questions very often. People have the desire to know how they can grow their facial hair.

For over past few years I am growing my beard. Along the journey learned a lot about it. But that hasn’t stopped me from exploring new tips and tricks related to the facial hair. In a recent interview, I have come across one factor that is, to grow big beard one has to trim it every week. But there is no control over a person’s genetics. So, I believe in the opposite of this. However, you can implement every other aspect to grow your
facial hair.

9 Tips For You To Grow A Big Beard
9 Tips For You To Grow A Big Beard

1. Avoid Trimming Your Beard

You may want to ignore this if your employer doesn’t allow you this. But it is ideal to stay away from trimming at the beginning stage. You can trim later, right? Firstly, your objective must be growing your facial hair long for building a strong designer stubble base.

2. Use Beard Oil Early

You don’t have to see the length of your facial hair to use beard oil. Take care of your designer stubble from an early stage. If your facial hair gets the right care and condition, you will see its potential growth.

3. Develop A Hygiene Regimen Early

Make a routine for taking care of your facial hair every day and follow it strictly. Wash your stubble every day. After bath apply beard oil and then brush it thoroughly. You can change this routine as per your schedule. But no matter what stick to it.

4. Brush Your Beard Every Day

When your facial hair gets longer, it starts to bend in various directions and many times it looks unkempt. Daily brush your stubble while applying beard dry oil. Train it as you want it to be. Ensure that you have an even
facial hair, so you can get away from trimming.

9 Tips For You To Grow A Big Beard
9 Tips For You To Grow A Big Beard

5. Be Aware

When you start to get a big beard, be aware of getting it caught in your coat’s zipper or get burned by a flaming cigarette. Make sure your designer stubble doesn’t eat your food instead of you. Stay extra cautious.

6. Don’t Judge Your Beard With Others

Not for all the facial hair grows at the same pace or rate. People have facial hair of different patterns. Don’t get judgemental to yourself if someone’s facial hair grows faster than yours. You will also get a big beard one day. Keep faith.

7. Be Patient

On an average, per month facial hair grows only ½”. It is a universal truth for most men that they go through a time frame where they feel their facial hair growth is not happening. It happens sometimes. Other time you may discover two inches of growth in one month. Embrace it and be patient.

9 Tips For You To Grow A Big Beard
9 Tips For You To Grow A Big Beard

8. Figure Out Eating With Your Beard Best Way Possible

I also didn’t know about that carelessly eating our food could actually effect tearing of some facial hair. When we are not aware of that, it may lead to some state where we have to pull out some hairs. Food on your designer stubble can make it dry if you are not careful.

9. Keep Track Of Your Progress

When you measure or take a selfie to keep track of your beard length every month, wear a particular shirt or t-shirt for every time. It will chart your progress well. You will learn about the growth patterns over time.
Growing a big beard is not a sprint but a marathon. It takes time and care.

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