9 Long Beard Styles To Complement Your Trendy Look


Mostly all men want to grow their beard and mustache to get the manly look. But while growing the stubble and mustache many gets confused about which one of long beard styles will go well with his persona. Here we share some excellent designer stubble style for you-

1. Boss Look

Want to be a boss? Why not look the part, first? In this beard style, you get faded sideburns, trimmed on the outer side. Introduce a side part, and your beard will accentuate the simple look. Your boss beard look will command both respect and attention at the same time.

9 Long Beard Styles To Complement Your Trendy Look
9 Long Beard Styles To Complement Your Trendy Look

2. The Harden

If your beard grows long from neck and sides, then this look will highlight your style. The style looks both in-control and reckless from a distance as it has a shaped jawline stubble. With longer beard this style is great. The key of the look is squared edge at the bottom. You must know that this is the right style for you as it is challenging to grow neckbeard for some people.

3. Even Flow

The even flow style reaches toward the chest from the chin. It is one of the long beard styles that gives a man a chance to show his fading facial hair color from the dark to gray.
The sideburns extend towards the head with a tight short cut from the side. Coupling the beard style with a combed hairdo will give an appealing look.

4. Uniform

With the uniform beard style, the chin beard is trimmed to the length of the mustache. When the mustache and beard are at the same length, the uniformity of the complete look reveals even when the hair is unkempt. This look screams professional if you are in such an environment.

9 Long Beard Styles To Complement Your Trendy Look
9 Long Beard Styles To Complement Your Trendy Look

5. Razors Edge

Razors edge is has its place among the polished long beard styles and it has growing popularity. This style takes skill, precision and cares to master. But the final result worth the efforts.

Outline of complete beard gets trimmed at a uniform length and leaves behind clear lines. In this style, the curl and length of mustache make the beard stylish.

6. Woodsman

In the woodsman style, the sideburns are very narrow. It brings attention to the designer stubble. The facial hair grows out and is trimmed to give the uniform length. Low-trimmed sideburns which fade into the beard give seamless appearance with wild feel.

7. Clear Outline

The main attraction of this beard style is it takes minimal work to set the killer look. The stubble is free to grow as much long and wild as you wish. For this look trim the edges to leave a clean outline. Put minimal effort each day to keep the polished appearance.

8. Handlebars

For long this beard fashion has been related to bad guys and villains of old silent movies. And with the addition of handlebar mustache, the look creates the feel of mystery which has an appeal.

Apply some beard wax for curling the mustache tip inward towards the nose. This look has no rival.

9 Long Beard Styles To Complement Your Trendy Look
9 Long Beard Styles To Complement Your Trendy Look

9. Wild & Carefree

Do you want an eye-catching facial hairstyle that also requires less work? Then the wild and carefree style will suit your taste.

For this style, you don’t have to put any effort into styling. Just a side part will bring some class. You can just let the stubble get long. The hair can also grow wild. In truth better you put only the minimal effort it requires, nothing more.

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