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6 Trendy Mustache Styles In 2019

6 Trendy Mustache Style Men Can Wear

It is fashionable to keep a mustache, but we are confused many times what style to choose. So, here we have six mustache style for you to wear it as per your choice.

6 Trendy Mustache Style Men Can Wear
6 Trendy Mustache Style Men Can Wear

Chevron Style

Chevron mustache is even known as Selleck mustache inspired by the known actor Tom Selleck. Chevron style is based on coarse hair which takes months to grow. You have to grow that in full. In comparison to others, it is a very elegant style and the simplest one as well. One should always try to pay heed to your facial hair once before attempting this look. It looks best on people who have straight hair.

Pencil Style

The pencil style is trendy when the celeb like Errol Flynn wore it. Pencil style is quite easy to maintain and wear than Selleck mustache. You can be ready with this look in about a month. However, this style needs frequent maintenance and more attention.

Horseshoe Style

It is a very distinctive ultra-bold style. The shape of the face is essential to maintain this style. It has a beard that comes down sleek look with the side lip line till upper area of the chin. It can also be combined with a beard patch on your high chin and below the lower lip. Usually, it suits the round face people most.

Fu Manchu Style

This style has evolved from Dr. Fu Manchu’s signature look. You need to increase the length of the side of your mustache so that they grow long over your chin. It becomes so long that it even goes beyond the chin. Now, people have started drawing different versions out of it. You may mould it to other looks as per the new trend.

Scruffy Style

If you are not too sure about growing your mustache, then this is the safest option as it will never fail. It can be accompanied with a light beard as mustache hair are light too. It will give you a trendsetter look, no matter what structure your face has. It suits all. You just need to grow you mustache to full and then trim it as per the volume you want.

Cowboy style

Cowboy mustache is a very old style that erupted a long time before. This style is kind of a version of Selleck style but it is a bit messier and longer. It spreads up and gives a completely messy look. It suits a lot of people and still many prefer to keep it. However, it gives a royal and elegant look as well. You need to maintain the roughness of this style and one can even mould this according to their face structure.

Let us discuss few points on how to grow mustache:

6 Trendy Mustache Style Men Can Wear
6 Trendy Mustache Style Men Can Wear

To grow a mustache you need some patience as it takes a month at least. Mustache does not just grow overnight, it takes ample of time. To get a defined look you need to let it grow in full and then you can design it as per your choice.

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