5 Types Of Bearded Men

5 types of bear man

Styling your beard is a very popular trend nowadays. There are so many ways men style their beards, and most of the times it reveals a lot about your personality. According to psychology, you can tell a lot about a person by the type of beard they usually keep. However personally, I think that does not apply to all the people out there who maintain a good length of beard. You can change your beard style whenever you want. Check out my list of 5 Types of Beard Man for your grooming inspiration.

5 Types of Beard Man
5 Types of Beard Man

The Corporate Beard Man

Big and long facial hair surely looks amazing to some guys, but if that is not your type, you can keep it a little short. Have you seen Chris Pine’s beard style? I am exactly talking about the same. The way he wears his facial hair is more than exceptional. It gives you a professional and tidy look. Moreover, if you are a muscular type, it will fit you very well.

The Stubble Beard Guy

This type of facial hair style is very popular among men. The reason why most men go for the stubble beard style is that it keeps your face a little rugged edge. As well as it hides the overgrowth of your beard, it emphasizes your perfect jawline. If you are wondering how it will look on your face, worry not! This type of beard generally suits all sort of facial features. Just look at our hot John Legend, and you will know what I’m talking about!

The Hollywoodian Style

Guess who? It’s Leo, man! Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most famous names in Hollywood’s Golden Era. And everything he does including his beard style is classic! This style gives your jawline a strong impression; however, if worn by a long and short face, it can make you look slimmer. To have this stylish and cool look like Leo, you just need the right trimmer. Even a cheap one can do the job!

Goatee Boy!

No, I am not talking about Percy Jackson’ best friend, Grover. I’m talking about fast and furious Dwayne Johnson. There are different kinds of goatee beard styles, but the one he wears is my favorite. This type of style looks great on round and chubby faces, however, you can still rock if you have strong cheekbones. Dwayne Johnson’s beard does not grow as fast and furious! The key is he maintains the style regularly, so it’s a requirement for the goatee boys.

Mutton Chops!

Calm down, it is still the post about beard styles, so I’m not going to talk about foods. But mutton chops is seriously a beard style name. The X-Men movie actor Hugh Jackman is the inspiration. The style is perfect for anyone who wants to go for it. However, it can make your face look a little slim than usual.

5 types of beard man
5 Types of Beard Man

Final Thought

Among these five beard boys, who do you think is your inspiration; share your opinion in the comment box below.

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