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3 Most Attractive Men’s Hair Design That Women Love!

Have you ever wondered on what are the first three men’s hair design which women love to talk about? We know this won’t make any sense to the guys, as being a man you would like to style your hair according to your priority. However, in case your ultimate goal is to charm a woman, styling hair designs that women love to see or like to run her fingers through must always be considered.

Moreover, it depends on what type of hair you have or the quantity of hair you have. So without any further ado, let’s dig in with the top 3 hair designs you make can make to allure women.

3 Most Attractive Men’s Hair Design That Women Love!
3 Most Attractive Men’s Hair Design That Women Love!

The List Of 3 Men’s Hair Designs That Women’s Will Love

3 Most Attractive Men’s Hair Design That Women Love!
3 Most Attractive Men’s Hair Design That Women Love!

1. New Pompadour

The classic pompadour hair design has a signature of volume on the top. Many owners find this hairstyle very alluring, especially when the hairs are combed back to give a look of little pieces than not so perfect.

Characteristics Of The New Pompadour

  • The cut if tapered and tight on the signs, and is longer and textured on the top.
  • The top can be swept back or can be combed on the sides. You can maintain a high volume on the head by adding some wax or by blow-drying your hair.

2. Freeman’s cut

Freeman’s cut can be typically given to a person who wants to look like a gangster. This hair design is not easy to handle, but it has gained popularity and hype among the women’s. However, this hair design isn’t for someone who likes to blend in with it. It is given to a person who can fake being cool. You can get this hairstyle to add a dimension to your personality which women’s will defiantly be attracted to.

Characteristics Of The New Freeman

  • When the hair is cut short (using a 1 or 2 on your clippers) or shaved on the sides and back of your head but left about 2-4 inches longer on top.
  • The top of your hair is going to be swept straight back. The styling is rapid and easy.

3. The crew cut

The crew cut is also known by the name: lvy league cut. This hair design looks too good and is low maintenance. This hair design is also a big favorite of many men’s and women. Another significant benefit that his hair design can give you is that it gives away a sharp-edged look to the face that many women adore.

Characteristics Of A Crew Cut

  • This hair design is tight on the side that leaves out a natural face of the back and sideburns of the head. Top of the head looks a little longer and even the length across the whole top of the head.
  • In case of styling, it is low maintenance and easy to handle as you need to brush up the top front area of your hairs and you are ready to go.


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